Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Years Already!?!

Three years ago I married the man of my dreams!

Who would have thought that a random trip to a sporting goods store would lead me to find the man I'd spend the rest of my life with! On that day I didn't only gain a best friend. I gained my rock, my shoulder to cry on, and an entire amazing family.

He asked me to marry him 3 years later on Christmas Eve. If asking someone to marry you while you have a 102 degree fever doesn't say a lot, I don't know what does. This man has determination and nothing is going to stop him from his dreams.

Our wedding day... I can still picture that day like it was yesterday. I remember sitting in my dining room as the girls were getting ready... I remember thinking to myself "Is it normal to be this calm only a few short hours before walking down the aisle?"
I can remember looking at myself in the mirror as I did my makeup.
I can remember pinching myself to make sure it was real.
I can still smell my bouquet.
I can still feel my father take me by the hand.
I can still hear the congregation awe as I walked down the aisle.
I can still hear my husband and me recite our vows.
I can still feel the smile as I walked out of the church.
I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach as we danced our first dance.
I can still feel the love that surrounded me that day.
I wish I could live that day over and over again, but when you marry the one that God has created just for you those memories are renewed each and every day. I am still thankful that he stole my heart and I in return took his last name!

I am in love with the lyrics in this song! It is almost like they wrote this song just for us <3

and for a couple of country lovers... this was our first song :)

Happy Anniversary Chris! Here's to many more!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Try It Free Tuesday!!!

While I sit here at another summer training {I'd rather not bore you} I am so excited to share something with all of you! Miss Kindergarten, AKA my dear friend Hadar, has asked me to be part of her try it free Tuesday! If you haven't heard of it, you need to make sure you head over to her blog to check it out!!!! Each and every Tuesday she has numerous TpT sellers share priced items with you for FREE! The catch?? You have to grab them while it lasts, so what are you waiting for?!?!?! Head on over! 

Thanks again Hadar!!! <3 
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Friday, July 19, 2013

First Grade Common Core Math File Organizer

After my marzano training the other day my head was just spinning. I knew I had tons of files that could be used to help me create my scales, but how in the world was I going to be able to find them!?

This freebie will help you organize all of your first grade common core math products under each standard. If you're anything like me you hoard your electronic teacher files. When it comes time to reinforce a standard with a kiddo you can't find that specific file you're looking for! This file organizer uses common core standards and codes to help you organize your products and it makes life a little easier!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Professional Development...

Sooooo while many of you are sitting with your toes in the sand and an ice cold drink in you hand, I've spent my last 3 days creating Marzano grading scales for each of the ELA Common Core Standards. Now don't get me wrong, yes, I'm going to love having these as a resource throughout the year, but July, really?! It's so hard for me to give back my summer. *sigh*
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are You an Instagramer?

If you aren't, why not? 

If so join me in connecting teachers on instagram! Copy or screenshot the above photo and post it on your Instagram with the hashtag #teachersfollowteachers. You can then click on that hashtag to find other teachers to follow! 

Simple and fun! Hope to see you on Instagram!!
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wow! Has it really been this long?!

WOW! Y'all where has the time gone!? I have been crazy busy with everything that I've let my little ole blog down :(

2 months?! TWO MONTHS?! Has it really been that long? I've missed writing about the end of the year, bachelorette parties, showers, christenings, bachelor parties, vacations, camp, rehearsals, weddings, and so much!!! I hope some of yall are following on instagram so you've at least followed my life in pictures!
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Well as I said I have been one busy girl!! My very dear friend Cassie (often referred to as my seeeeester) has been keeping me busy with her wedding festivities! 
Chris and I have been out of the state more in the last few months than we have here, but that is quite alright if you ask either of us! We love being busy and spending quality time with family and friends!
We also took a family vacation with my in-laws to Acapulco, Mexico. Amazing!!
Well now that I'm back home *sigh* I promise not to neglect my little ole blog anymore! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' due to all the crazy changes!!!

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