Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey Trot Blog Hop: Gobble On!

Hi, friends!  Thank you to Ashley for sending you my way!  

Gobble, Gobble!  

Some of my favorite bloggers and I have teamed up to offer you freebies to show how thankful we are for you!  Today, I am offering my Maggie the Moose {Animal Craftivity and Writing Prompts!} (a $4 value) and 10 fonts (a $5 value) to you.  These are samples from my A-Z Animal Craftivities and Writing Prompts & Font Packs!

My Maggie the Moose {Animal Creativity and Writing Prompts!} activity is paired with 25 other animals, a zoo keeper application, and a guess the animal activity in my A-Z Animal Craftivities and Writing Prompts! 

Unit Includes:
Animal Template for Craftivity (can be used to trace or copy on colored paper)
If I were a _______ I would...
If I owned a _______ I would...
Non-fiction animal fact sheet for research

Other Animals Found in My Store:
AlligatorBat, Cat, DogElephantFrogGiraffe, HippoIguana, Jaguar, Kangaroo, Lion, Moose, Newt, Octopus, Pig, Quail, Rabbit, Snake, Turtle, Unicorn, Vulture, Walrus, Xerus, Yak, and Zebra 

The ten fonts that I am offering for free are from the third pack in my collection of over 100 fonts available!

   Thank you for stopping by!  Trot on back to beginning of the hop to Megan’s blog, Mrs. Wheeler's First, by clicking their blog button below.    

Mrs Wheelers First Grade

Happy Turkey Day! 

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School Bash with The Primary Pack

Y'all I'm so excited...
1.) To finally announce that I am joining 
The Primary Pack
these teachers are amazing and I can't wait to collaborate!

2.) to be a part of this awesome blog hop!
Make sure to start at The Primary Pack! Collect a letter on each blog post which turns into a secret message in the hop to add to the rafflecopter at the end for a chance to win a silhouette cameo!!

This hop is full of back to school tips, freebies, and prizes!

I am a stickler about handwriting and starting early, but I can't stand the folding, peeling, and stickiness of name tags! I've used sharpies for years, but writing their names on the table without lines does not help them with letter placement. This year I used black sharpie to form a headline, midline, and baseline. With silver paint sharpie, I wrote their names. 

What you'll need:

(click to grab)

As teachers we are constantly labeling everything right??? Nothing is worse than obtaining a new classroom after a teacher used the dreaded paper address labels! EEEEEK!!!! We all know the mess that occurs when you try to peel off a basic white paper label right?! This tip is a life saver!!!

(click to grab)
I print off about 20 pages of my students'  names on these amazing CLEAR labels! 
1.) They are super duper sticky (harder for teeny fingers to peel)
2.) They come off in one piece when needed
3.) They last ALL YEAR!
I use them for everything. Books. Folders. Cubbies. Tables. Carpet seats. EVERYTHING! 

For years I fumbled with folders, papers, files, but nothing has ever been simpler! I absolutely love having my emergency contact cards (double sided) with all the emergency information you need on ONE RING! I keep this ring in my emergency bag that goes with us on each trip and/or drill. On this card (found as a freebie below) you have child's name, birthday, address, numbers, pickup, and contacts all in one spot! 
I simply copy the contact forms front to back on cardstock, punch a hole in the corner, and bind the class together with a binder ring! Easy peasy!

What you'll need:
(click to grab)

Once again, make sure to start at The Primary Pack to collect a letter at each blog that will turn into a secret message to enter into the rafflecopter at the end of the hop! 

(for a freebie of my emergency contact ring, please click here)

My giveaway letter is U! 
Be sure to write that down to find the 
SECRET MESSAGE as you hop along! 

Visit the adorable Alisha at Missing Tooth Grins to find the next hop!

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